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Ok so this is a totally random thought but wouldn’t it be absolutely wonderful if we had magically closets that every couple of weeks or months our closets would automatically refilled with the latest and greatest?

A girl can dream right?!

So when I was in college one of the many things that I loved about being in a sorority was that it was like you had one giant closet, yes it was annoying sometimes when girls wanted to borrow something that I hadn’t even worn once. That’s totally a rule of mine, you can borrow anything I own but at least let me wear it once! I also wish that more of my friends and blogger friends lived near me and for those friends that do live near me that we all worse the same size…I would feel way less guilty if I knew I could share and swap.

For the simple fact that the magically closet doesn’t exist and I don’t have a bottom less bank account I’ve tried to learn to shop smarter. I get a lot of questions about where I shop and I try to link pieces at the end of each post but sometimes it’s hard to because I’ll find things on sale (which I love but it’s hard to share them with y’all) or I find them at local boutiques which sometimes don’t always have enough sizes or restock or I find things at places like TJ Maxx which we all know if you find something their chances are you be able to find the same thing again. I love buying smart but I also love buying pieces I know I can buy again if I fall in love with them which is why I try to also buy brands that are good quality. Skimping on the price isn’t always the way to go depending on what you’re shopping for.

If I’m shopping for trendy pieces that I’m not going to care if I only wear once or twice, I LIVE for forever21 and h&m. I know there are a lot of girls that turn their noses up at those places for so many reasons but hey, some people have to make their clothing budget stretch or if they’re like me don’t want to spend a bunch of money of trendy pieces. I have some friends that think that places like forever21 and h&m are just awful imitators of bigger designers and well, duh, that’s exactly what they are; dupes for less. If you can’t bare to spend money on a knock off I totally get it but honestly, sometimes you totally can’t tell which is the dupe unless you look super hard.

Classic pieces and staples I will spend the money on because I know they’re going to last. Also sometimes it’s hard for me to find things like shorts and jeans that fit so if I find a brand that fits well, I’ll buy multiples and not worry about the price tag. If you’re in the market for some trendy, boho clothing that you can’t wait to be seen out in, BitterSweet Boutique has a tremendous selection that really must be seen.

My go to shorts are these, these (in the straight & scalloped hem & in solid & patterned) and most recently these! These and these are great shorts for like half the price! Pants are always tricky because I’m so short so the brands I wear vary but I love these and kind of live in them.

Shoes & handbags are the same way for me. If they’re trendy, I tend to try and find a dupe but if it’s a shoe or bag that I can carry for a few season I’ll splurge.

DSC_0221 1

(This is a dupe of a Céline…I wish it was the real thing! 😉 )

I’m such a brat but these Tory flats are my weakness, I have them in so many colors but they go with everything especially in the fall. While they’re a little uncomfortable until you break them in Jack Rogers have become a staple in my wardrobe for summer, I also have them in so many colors. These sandals that are affordable dupes and are super comfy. Here they are in yesterdays post.

There are few bags that I have on my wish list like the LV Neverfull but for the most part I tend to stick to Tory or my Longchamp bags for like my go to bags the rest come from boutiques or stores that sell dupes.

When it comes to jewelry there are no rules. I have Yurman which I love but I also have pieces I’ve found for like $5 that I love. Sunglasses are the same way, I have designer pairs but I also have $10 pairs like these from boohoo & forever21 that are dupes and are super great for a season. DSCN1841

(I’ve gotten so many compliments on these round sunnies and they’re from boohoo!)

Speaking of sunglasses recently started using DITTO and I love it, like y’all I’ve been debating on buying these Karen Walkers & these for like a year but I wouldn’t pull the trigger because I didn’t have a store nearby that sold her line for me to try on. I didn’t want to buy them and then have to return if I hated the way they looked on so shopditto to the rescue. My first pair I received were the Number One KW and I absolutely love them…I think I will definitely be purchasing these!

Ok so for those of you who don’t know what DITTO is, it’s just like rocksbox but for designer eyewear. You pay a monthly fee of $24 and you’re able to choose from a huge selection of designer eyewear to be sent to you. You change out styles as often as you like and keep each pair as long as you’d like. It’s a super fun way to be able to wear brands and funky style that you would never actually buy or if you’re like me try out brands and styles before you buy! I have a code for y’all to use to get your first month free! Just use STYLEISEVERYTHING at checkout! 🙂

Y’all I’m here to say that there is no shame in not dropping big money when you’re out shopping, if you don’t have the money there’s no need to go broke over labels. If you do have an endless bank account, why not try and save a few bucks on things you’ll literally only use once.

*** I apologize for saying the word these so maany times but it had to be done and yes to all your grammar folks I realize this post and probably most of my post are grammatically correct. #sorrynotsorry

We all have our moments of weakens or just want to treat ourselves but moral of the post is to think before you buy!

If you have any great ideas for where or how to shop smarter I’d love to hear!

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  1. 4.14.16
    Natalie said:

    Great post, girl! I couldn’t agree more! I am a bargain shopper as well and wear SO much from T.J. Maxx!! Great tips!

    Natalie Keinan

  2. 4.14.16

    My boyfriend would probably really appreciate if I shopped smarter. I almost suckered him into splitting a Celine bag with me. He was not happy I was even considering it but I just want to LIVE 😉 Definitely need to take more of your advice xx

    • 4.18.16
      Taylor said:

      Girl my boyfriend always looks at me like I’m crazy when he sees the price tags on things I buy so I feel your pain!! haha